small appetizers that can be served with a napkin

we suggest 3-5 canapés per person

beef tartare
truffle • capers • parmesan

”Västerbottencheese” tart
whitefish roe • red onion • parsley

”Skagen” shrimp mayo
trout roe • dark rye bread

”Öjebyröra” crayfish mayo
dark rye bread

Chèvre creme

50 kr / pcs

Tokyo oyster
white soy • tomato • cress

confeed duck
foiegras • chimichurry • apple

seared tuna
furikake • ginger • soy creme

Broms foiegras terrine

60 kr / pcs

in a glass

a bigger alternative, eaten with a fork
we suggest 2-4 glasses per person

Bang bang chicken
glassnoodles • carrots • cashewnuts

Asian ceviche
scallop • salmon • coriander • avocado

Vegan ceviche
cucumber • mango • spring onion • avocado

burrata • tomato • basil

shrimps • cucumber • croutons

hazelnuts • goat cheese

70 kr / glass


fresh berries

55 kr / glass


minimum order is 15 pcs / sort
order have to be made atleast 4 business days before delivery
Vat is included in the pricing
surcharges for delivery will apply
to order:
[email protected]