a smaller buffet

• salmon sashimi with radish, mango, edamame beans, cucumber & cashewnuts

• Beff tataki with glassnoodles, carrots, roasted coconut & sesameseeds

• Japanese mustard creme
• Kimchimayo
• Ponzu

265 kr / Person

en larger buffet

• fennel salmon with beets, feta cheese, wallnuts & parsley salsa

• lemon-& honey marinated chicken with vegetables of the season

• ”Västerbotten cheese” tart with whitefish roe, smetana & chive

• lemon creme
• herb mayo

325 (290.18) / Person


minimum order is 15 portions
order have to be made atleast 4 business days before delivery
Vat is included in the pricing
surcharges for delivery may apply
to order:
[email protected]